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DAWLIA SECURITY is an Egyptian Co-operation company established in 2002 for Security and Guarding Services. 

The company is licensed by the Ministry of the Interior to conduct security and guarding work with License No. 24 of 2017 in accordance with Law No. 394 of 1954 and its implementing decisions.

El - Mizan Construction Company

The company was established to be part  of subsidiary companies affiliated to Global International For establishing tourism facilities

  The company applies the highest international systems in project management by attracting the competencies in the country

This system aims to develop the level of follow-ups and conclusions, manage contracts and letters of guarantee in an orderly manner, record tenders and analyze them to find out the cost, set profit margin, distribute quantities on a timetable, link them to warehouses and make budgets, as for real estate investment

The company aims at the ease of managing residential projects and land plans, dividing them into units, marketing them, offering them for sale or rent, and defining clients’ interests in a professional manner

The company aims to provide all technical solutions for various insulation works, as well as the possibility of implementing them using specialized engineers, technicians and workers trained at the highest level for 

 preparing administrative headquarters for some companies, finishing private villas and residential units, as well as swimming pools, constructing resorts, industrial and residential tourist villages, roads,  bridges, irrigation works, civil, constructing factories, manufacturing and trading all materials, machines, tools, and supplies. And all kinds of tiles, working imported and local marble of all kinds, and doing local and international agencies’ work

Digital Marketing and (Web and Mobile Application) Development

The company believes that integrated marketing depends on focusing on local work and global thought

Marketing trends have changed in terms of traditional marketing to modern marketing, customer service to customer relationship management, competitive relationships into cooperative relationships, individual work to functional integration, The absolute value of the company to the significant value of the customer, research studies have become more related to the economic conditions of the market,,the trend for electronic media is more than traditional, Keeping information to share knowledge, management accounting to value-based accounting.

Yara for Agricultural investment and industrial development

The company was established in 2019  to be part  of subsidiary companies affiliated to Global international establishment, the company offers a several services some of these services are : operating wells water desalination plants – Establishment of solar power stations -Establishing centers for the maintenance of agricultural equipment and machinery – Establishing and operating a car supply station – Owning agricultural lands for the purpose of dividing it, planning it, providing it with facilities and preparing it – Providing agricultural consultations and studies related to the evaluation to increase the capital – Producing clothes and selling them under our owned brand “ Cotton Bear” – Establishing factories for spinning, weaving and dyeing .

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