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DAWLIA SECURITY is an Egyptian Co-operation company established in 2002 for Security and Guarding Services.

The company is licensed by the Ministry of the Interior to conduct security and guarding work with License No. 24 of 2017 in accordance with Law No. 394 of 1954 and its implementing decisions.

Company’s vision

The vision of the International Company for Guarding and Services is to raise the level of security services by using the latest technological means in this field and to develop the performance of working personnel by implementing modern and continuous training programs that are compatible with the sites to be secured to reach a level of service comparable to international levels.

Company’s mission

Meet all the needs of our different customers while providing a distinguished security service that is compatible with modern security systems and is accurate, vigilant, objective and professional.



Company’s Strategy

Providing  our services to clients in the best possible way by  taking basic principles which are 

Company’s services

The vision of our company is to provide security services in all its aspects 

Company’s Commitments

Our Partners

 To improve the services provided to our customers to provide an excellent service that matches the international level, the company made an alliance and contracted protocols with several companies specialized in all aspects of security work, including 

A company to supply, install and managing electronic systems which will 

A company to care and train dogs.

A company to combat insects and rodents.

A company to transfer money.

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