About Global Organization

Global Organization

Chairman Message

We focus on relevant innovation from idea to delivery. Our business is based on integration and attention to detail that brings value to our company and clients. Every business decision is strategically made to play out in favor of the development of the company’s equity and business. The company’s success is based on sustainability; we are committed to superior returns and sustainable development for future generations.

Vision and Mission


our entrepreneurial approach and efforts are focused on creating exceptional, fully-integrated communities that inspire people and enrich their quality of life and, consequently, position us as Egypt’s leading real estate developer and industry trendsetter


The company is committed to be a dynamic team that can provide the highest and latest level of performance for outstanding residential, commercial and entertainment development to develop society and achieve goals in a safer and healthier environment

Corporate strategy

Diligence: Our eagerness to learn is our path to perfection.

Development: Our growth is a result of our belief in efficiency and continuous improvement.

Innovation is a fundamental approach to any challenge we face.

Diversity: Our versatility and exposure are what make us different.

Accountability for what we say and do is our core commitment.

 People are the foundation of our success. We aspire to be an organization of choice.